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Alison Webb

Lisa explained how to drop my head further into the water to stop my legs from sinking. This made such a huge difference to my front crawl technique. Lisa has a very reassuring manner and now every time I swim I can hear her advice!

Angela Connor

Lisa taught me how to slow down and pace myself so I can achieve a consistent pace during a long-distance swim event. Lisa makes you feel at ease and clearly knows her swimming stuff!

Fiona White

Lisa is an amazing swim coach. My friends and I decided to try OW swimming and had no idea where to start. We contacted Lisa and had an intro session with her and loved it. Lisa is really welcoming, knowledgeable and reassuring. She gave us lots of advice and ensured we all felt safe in the water. After one session we are hooked!

Wendy Smith

Lisa has given consistent and genuine encouragement right from my very first 1-1 session. The confidence and skills gained with Lisa in the water have been a catalyst for a deep and radical change in lifestyle. I honestly can not recommend Big Love swim club enough. Water sport and swimming should be for all sizes and abilities. This is an ethos Lisa fully lives and is passionate about. Book in. You honestly won’t regret it.

Kate Ellis

I first booked in with Lisa for some 1.1 open water sessions at Kings Dock. Then for the 6 week beginners crawl classes. Lisa is the kindest, most patient person, she makes you feel so at ease, meanwhile teaching you all the techniques and needed knowledge to proceed. Lisa gently guides you until that penny drops and everything comes together. Thank you so much Lisa for everything and I can’t wait to book onto the next course.

Nicola Wilson Ruiz

I joined the Intro to Open Water Swimming course and absolutely loved it. Lisa is an amazing and patient coach, making sure everyone felt comfortable during the practical session. It was was a great way to get started in open water swimming and would highly recommend her, especially for anyone a little nervous. I’ve never been a confident swimmer but now can’t wait to get back in the water. Thank you Lisa!

Alison Rankin

I booked a session with Lisa after having my confidence knocked a bit and feeling like I wouldn't be able to swim with more competent swimmers. She was amazing, patient, and explained everything really clearly. By the end of the session I was gliding through the water. I can't tell you how emotional I felt and have showed everyone my video. I highly recommend Lisa and can't wait to get swimming to show off my skills.