Difficulty level:

This course is for women aged 18+ who are competent pool swimmers and want to try open water swimming for the first time.  It will include the dry land aspects of open water swimming such as swim safety, acclimatisation and kit options.  You will put the theory into practice during a 30 min open water swimming session at the Liverpool Watersports Centre.  You will learn how to navigate in open water and swim in a straight line. We will also cover the basics of the front crawl technique including how to breathe with your face in the water.

To ensure that you get the most out of this course and to add to your enjoyment of it, you will need to ensure that you can swim continuously for 6 lengths of a 25m swimming pool.  This requirement is not intended to exclude but to ensure your safety and manage expectations of the course.

Venue:  Liverpool Watersports Centre

Courses will recommence in May 2022.

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